Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Fave Five

I know, it's nearly Saturday and I'm supposed to be working. I'll make it fast.

1. My MOMMY!!! She's just awesome anyway, but she took the time to make sure Kiddo's Halloween costume was done before she went on an ill-fated trip to the Orient. AND she made sure it got mailed and delivered before Halloween, AND found the hat at Walgreen's and emailed and told me to get it! (The blue platypus pictured in that other post). Love you madre.

2. My VAIO. Hubby and I both wish we'd gotten the new computer as soon as I changed jobs. lol.

3. Pumpkin cookies. I'm not supposed to be eating them because they have milk, but hubby bought them and they are yummy ...

4. Hubby for going to the store last Saturday while I was so sick and buying me Kleenex with lotion and medicine and OJ, and then going BACK for Puffs with lotion because I prefer them. He knew it, but the store he went to first didn't have any, and I was out of nose wipers. So he went to a different store for the Puffs ... which he's going to get to make use of since he is now sick. But he went to work tonight anyway. YAY! lol. It's amazing what the "extra" money in our budget from him going back to work full time is doing for our family ...

5. Kiddo made dinner a couple times this week and has been helping out with Mojo a lot. She adores her baby brother and stayed with him and the cart as it went behind the cashier at Costco because she didn't want him to get lost. So glad we have her! lol.

P.S. Happy birthday Saturday to Mommy and Steph!!!

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