Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Fave Five

1. Realizing that if I FOCUS I can work very few hours and be done by 1 p.m. my time, have an awesome nap with Mr. Mojo +before kiddo gets home, and then spend the rest of the evening with the family instead of trying to cram in more work. DERF. This week didn't go so well for work until today. ORRR, I can work after the kids go to bed and hubby goes to work. That might actually work out better come to think of it. I'll have to try.

2. GNO!!! Okay, so the projector didn't work. But the burgers were awesome and the company was fun, and even though I had to take both kids, it was still nice to be "out." And hubby admitted he missed seeing me before he went to work. bwahahah.

3. Less drama, less stress ... Loving the hubby working himself to fatigue right now ... lol. that sounds so rotten of me, but what I mean is that neither of us feels like we're doing this alone these days, and with me able to focus more on the family instead of on money, the kids and I and hubby are all happier. Even if the house is still a wreck.

4. Dave Ramsey. I haven't ever heard him speak, don't listen to him on the radio, don't own any of his products. But I managed to catch a few clips of him the other day about cutting up credit cards (even Victoria's Secret, lol) and savings and stuff that we've dealt with over the past couple years ... We've been working on our budget and paying off debt more recently (obviously), but some of the things he said really hit home with me. Sooooooo ... as part of my Conference weekend cleaning/purge, I'll be shredding all my plastic except the debit cards because I need it to get cash at the ATM to pay for everything. I will not spend what I do not have anymore.

5. Chubby baby cheeks. I dunno, something about this little baby just makes me want to hug and kiss him and touch his little chubby cheeks ... Hubby pointed out kiddo is very much like me in that respect because she can't leave him alone either. hehehe.


Katz said...

I've heard so much praise for Dave Ramsey on the various blogs that a stalk. I went to the library to check out "Total Money Makeover" and I have to say that I'm glad I didn't buy it. It was all fluff. Very little instruction. It's a good system, though. We already have assigned every dollar of our budget and will hopefully be moving to the envelope system next month.

stewbert said...

Yeah, I'm not so sure I'd buying any of it ... but ... some of the clips really pertained to our situation right now and in the recent past.

I'm going to the envelope thing as far as grocery money goes -- if there's extra one week, it goes in the envelope for next week. I'm already very good about making sure all the regular bills are covered and we pay them all out of one of our accounts. That money isn't touched for anything else. It's just the other account is so easy to overspend out of ... lol.

Hubby wants to get to a point where we're putting 20% of our income into savings, so obviously we'll be tightening things up here even more.