Saturday, October 18, 2008


Okay, so I asked Steph who makes good computers before we put any more money into computer related things. She said Dell, I laughed (and I think she did too), but she also mentioned Sony.

When DisGrace saw my new notebook, she was like, "You got a VAIO???" "Yeah." "I can't afford one of those." Well, neither can I but hubby said he'd work the overtime to pay for it.

It got here. I started loading everything I need for work and WoW onto it.

He had a bipolar crash/negative manic episode and we've just had a really bad week.

I started freaking out in my head but instead of yelling at him anything I'd regret later, I was calm and talked to him when he was ready. And suggested inpatient treatment or a partial day program, which he refused. Then I took him to the doctor Thursday and got him started on some new meds.

I think the stress lowered my immune system, so here I am, sick with a nasty cold. And Bambino is sick, too.

So hubby scored points this morning by staying up to take Kiddo to primary practice (for the program tomorrow) and letting me and baby take over the bedroom. He was supposed to sleep in hte recliner in the baby's room -- he even took his CPAP in there. He couldn't sleep, so he gets minus points for crashing again. lol. just kidding. He's not as bad and he did make it to work, but he will probably miss church tomorrow, including the program, which will make kiddo very sad. But hey, as long as he's not doing stupid things, I guess it'll be okay.

But I do love the little VAIO. It's fast and efficient and runs WoW without any problems as well as my work programs. I am still using my ergo keyboard and have been typing in bed while mojo snoozes next to me. Which is why we bought it.

So that's that. Total TMI post about bipolar disorder, but hey, that's all that's been on my mind all week.

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