Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How to make a grumpy mommy laugh

First, it's best if she's had a nap at some point during the day so you don't get in trouble, so make sure you let her have one after you get home from school.

Second, wait until Mom is engrossed in a long report she's typing for work. Her back is to your room, so she'll never see you coming. Also wait until an hour or so after you're usually asleep.

Third, be very, very quiet in your approach. Then start talking at a normal volume while she's rewinding the voice file so she can try to make sense of the soft-spoken doctor.

Fourth, when she screams and startles you because she screams LOUDLY, freak out and whack your foot into the other desk chair, yank on her chair, and fall over.

Then start crying.

When Mom's racing heart calms down enough, you'll both laugh and laugh and laugh after you get a hug.

Alternatively, you could be a cute baby and just smile and giggle at her. She can't help but laughing at your antics, even when you've screamed at her all day. So not fair.

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Melanie Nielsen said...

Well it made this grumpy mommy laugh tongiht, even though all my little ones are asleep finally!