Sunday, October 19, 2008

Primary Program Sunday

Last week, we talked about inviting my in-laws to the program, so kiddo and I and Mojo went over to their house. FIL said something about church, and kiddo said, "Speaking of church, my Primary program is next week and you and Gramma are invited." They were so excited! And they promised to be there.

So hubby worked last night, which sometimes makes it harder to get to church, but they kept him at work until 10 this morning (making it a 14-hour shift last night, lol). He got home at 10:30, showered, changed, and we all went over to the church. Early. Weird. I was up sick with the baby all night, waking every 20-30 minutes, just miserable, so I knew I was only staying for Sacrament meeting, and he needed some rest too. Kiddo usually stays and someone from the Primary presidency brings her home, so we made arrangements for that before the meeting even started.

Mojo was sort of fussy when the opening hymn was going on, but he was in the wrap, so I just walked aorund the halls for a minute until he passed out, and I went back in the chapel. My in-laws had arrived, and gramma was just fawning over kiddo. In true Polynesian style, she had a couple of necklaces for kiddo to wear and promptly put them on her right before kiddo went up to the podium.

Kiddo had a little trio to sing with the other two older girls, and when it was time, a boy followed them up there. Kiddo shoved him out of the way because he wasn't supposed to be there, lol, which was incredibly ironic, being that the song was, "If the Savior Stood Beside Me," and part of the lyrics say, "would I do the things I do?" We had a good giggle over that.

She also gave a little talk about the temple that she wrote herself, which was quite good. She'd left her talk at home, but we'd had time before the meeting to write it down again. When it was all over, she decided to come home with us instead of staying, which was fine -- she's been a big help with me with being sick and all.

It hit me after we got home that she only has two more primary programs to do. TWO?? Is that right? She's 9 and her birthday is in the summer, so she'd be in YW before the third one. ACK. When did my little kid get to be so big??? *sniff*


steph k said...

aww. that sounds awesome! your family makes me happy. :)

evitafjord said...


And thanks (not) for making me realize that Hannah only has 1 more program. That's insane. I get to write it, maybe I will feature her ;-)

stewbert said...

lol @ dawn.

my family usually makes me happy too ... hehehe