Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update and Mojo funnies

Things are a bit calmer (or seemed to be yesterday) on the home front. Hubby hung out with me, just talking, for a little while yesterday and brought Chinese home for lunch, which was really nice of him. I hadn't eaten anything all day just 'cuz I felt so lousy. He says the lithium is just barely taking the edge off, but at least it's doing that, and we go in tomorrow for blood work. They're obviously going to have to adjust the dose, but at least it's helping a little.

I'm still sick, Mojo is still sick, and hubby seems to be getting it. Kiddo has had more lectures about sharing her germs than ever -- if *we're* sick, she won't come near us and washes her hands a zillion times to avoid getting whatever we might have, but if *she's* sick, all bets are off and she's all over us. Booger.

Mojo is doing a little better this morning -- he's been happier and hilarious and all that fun stuff. Yesterday, I nursed him on one side, tried to switch him to the other, but he refused that side but demanded a bottle, so I gave him one, and while he was a tiny bit sleepy and hadn't eaten very much of the bottle, I switched him to the refused boob without him noticing. For a few minutes. Then he looked at me, spit out the boob, closed his eyes and lips very tightly until I covered back up, thinking he was asleep, and then he popped his eyes back open and grinned at me. What on earth? Three-month-olds aren't supposed to PRETEND to be asleep! lol. Then last night, he was smiling and cooing at kiddo and me. She and I just kept giggling, and suddenly, he did too (he has a certain "laugh" sound, but that was his first actual giggle). It scared him or something because he stopped really fast and opened his eyes really wide and looked all concerned. It was so flipping funny, kiddo and I laughed even harder. So there's my baby brags today.

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