Thursday, October 2, 2008

sticky orange balls

Oh, you guys are disgusting.

Baby is on Prevacid for reflux, which is a little pill that dissolves into orange balls. Tiny ones. And when they are covered in saliva, they are sticky.

All of those sticky little balls are all over me because he keeps chewing it up and dissolving it just fine, then droooooooooooooling like mad and spitting them all over me. Fourth day in a row.

He hasn't been screaming from pain, so either he is getting some of the Prevacid in him OR he's outgrowing it. Either way, I don't know if I'm giving it to him tomorrow ...


steph k said...

we're disgusting?!? excuse me, who was talking about winking and big purple dildos??

hee hee.

stewbert said...

LOL -- HEY, mom reads this blog. Hope she doesn't read the comments ... :P