Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A rant.

Dear Daughter,

While I appreciate your willingness to watch your brother today while I slept, I would like to remind you (again) of a problem that erupted everywhere shortly upon my waking.

Your brother can tolerate small amounts of cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, but he has NEVER been able to drink milk. Remember that whole 1-1/2 years where I didn't drink milk because it made him sick when he got it through MY milk? Or the formula we had to give him to supplement because it was making him hurl everywhere? Giving him a Carnation Instant Breakfast made with cow's milk to drink is a HUGE problem. He pukes all over me every time you've given him one, and has done so twice in three days after you have given him that when I was not aware.

Perhaps the key for you remembering this would be to have him puke on you, but I can't change his aim. *sigh*

This time, though, you do get to clean up the mess on the carpet. Good luck.


Your disgusted mommy who now needs a shower desperately

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