Tuesday, April 27, 2010


yeah, my sugars were so bad last week (due to eating junk all week) that they increased my insulin. by almost 50%. hopefully I don't have any crashes -- my lowest ones over the week were on the border of being too low. I've actually done fairly well with the eating today, making sure I'm eating on my schedules even if I did have a cookie for a snack. lol. At least it was only ONE and I had a glass of milk with it, so there was some nutrition, right?

hoping we get back on track this week ... ultrasound next Tuesday along with starting twice-weekly nonstress tests to make sure Thumper is okay.

In the midst of all my grumbling about having to go to doctors and the hospickle so often, I realize we really do live in a wonderful time where I can get good medical care. Even if I resent it.

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