Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy busy week

I'm supposed to be taking it sort of easy (per the perinatologist's recommendations 3 weeks ago). Tell that to the 5th grader who has several choir and school things this week, the two doctor/medial appointments for me, and all the stuff I haven't done yet that needs to be done before the baby comes. *sigh* Hopefully things will slow down some since choir will be over for the year after Wednesday, and the husband has agreed to do the grocery shopping -- just need to make him lists! I wore myself out today so he went to the store to get breaded fish fillets for dinner (what I was craving), which we had with rice and green beans. Nothing fancy at all, but totally hit the cravings.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! Nothing terribly exciting, just a very restful day. The husband came home from work in the morning and then left to get me a Pepsi for my migraine. He also brought me some beautiful flowers -- surprise! I love it when he brings me flowers. Kiddo watched Little Mister in the a.m. so I could nap, and while I was sleeping, she made cupcakes. Yes, I had a couple. My sugars have been so bad the whole last week. Oy. I tried to get back on target today, but LM wouldn't sleep last night and I didn't get my food packed for being out of the house all day! So ... I'll try again tomorrow.

Then LM took a very long nap, and I slept too. haha. The kids and I did go to the store and bought a new phone because the cracked one got very wet somehow, and then we all went to dinner. We didn't get out early enough to go to Olive Garden, which I've been craving off and on for most of this pregnancy, so we just picked up In-N-Out Burger burgers and fries and came home and had dinner together. (Liked the burgers, not the fries; they were very hot when we got them but got stale as soon as they were cool enough to eat. Will be trying 5 guys next.)

My back was spasming from my earlier trip to Walmart, so I didn't end up working. Bummer. haha. The only position I didn't have pain in was on my side with the top leg bent. It's better now. So the husband went to Walmart and picked up Avatar, which we watched together after the kids went to bed.

LM slept in his own bed all night that night, so that was a wonderful gift. Wish he'd done it again last night, but no. Hoping he does it tonight so I can focus and hopefully get a bunch of work done. Wheeeeeee.

And with that, I'm headed back to work.


Kristina P. said...

A nice, relaxing birthday is really the best kind.

Rockelle said...

let me know when you try five guys...I think they are way better then In and OUT. especially the fries!

steph k said...

5 Guys is the BEST! I love their cajun fries!

Although the whole in-n-out secret menu makes it fun at least....

kadyb said...

5 guys uses peanut oil - don't take B there. :)