Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Little Mister opened his Easter basket the day I bought it (as I mentioned the other day). He's been playing with the balls constantly ever since. The husband ate the candy in it, so I stuck a couple of Reese's eggs in it with a few jelly beans and whopper eggs. He was freaking out this morning, so the husband bribed him with the peanut butter egg. He gobbled up both of them and went back to find more. lol. He doesn't love the other candy, which is fine with me.

Kiddo's basket had a rented Princess and the Frog in it (they're watching it now) with a couple of little toys and a hand sewing kit she requested, plus some of the same candy we put in LM's basket. She squealed. It was cute.

I had some contractions last night, so I didn't get our traditional Easter morning breakfast started ... made her do it when she got up this morning, and she was all too happy to do so. I can't even eat the sweet rolls, so it worked out. I wasn't tempted to eat the marshmallows. haha.

I did make some bacon and eggs, and made open-faced egg mcmuffins with garlic butter. *drool* they turned out well. While I was cooking, I asked Kiddo to tell us the real story of Easter, and she did a really good job with it.

I'd better go rest some more. A few more contractions. It's been a stressful weekend so far ... hoping the rest of spring break and hubby's vacation mellow out a bit.

Hope you all have a fabulous Easter Sunday!


Kristina P. said...

I had a Peanut Butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast. Lame.

Happy Easter!

The Boob Nazi said...

Yours sounded delicious. I ate brisket for breakfast.