Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!!

1. The husband got to see the baby move the other day. We were talking and I pointed at my belly, saying she was pushing there. He looked at it and saw her next few kicks. She hasn't let him (or anyone else for that matter) feel her move yet, so that was pretty exciting. :)

2. A boy in Kiddo's class asked her to "go out" last week. Her answer? "I'll have to check my schedule." Then she came home and told me I'm her schedule. haha.

3. Little Mister went to the store with me Wednesday and picked out his Easter basket. It had a full sized basketball and a full sized soccer ball, and almost no candy. He didn't even notice the candy. We did open the basket that day and got the balls out. He's been having a blast with them ever since. (yes, I know, Easter isn't until Sunday. He doesn't care. haha.)

4. JapanBoy and his family made it safely to my parents' house. I'm terribly upset we won't be seeing them for a while yet, but at least they're in the same country now!

5. Naps, food, and showers all help me be in a better mood. If I can't have chocolate, I'll take what I can get.

Medical update: After my wretched appointment Tuesday, I cut my carbs a lot Wednesday. Not such a great idea; even though my numbers were all normal, I was spilling ketones yesterday morning (bad for me AND baby). Yesterday, I decided to take my 7 meals/snacks and spread my carbs out to 8 equal meals and snacks (equal in number of carbs, not food), and only had 2 slightly high numbers. My ketones were just fine this morning. sweeeeeeeeet.

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