Monday, April 19, 2010

New Words

Little Mister has been expanding his vocabulary daily. Fortunately, he hasn't picked up on my saying "dammit" when I drop something or open a door into my ever-expanding belly, which are all three happening with more frequency.

He first learned to make racecar noises while watching Cars, the Disney movie. That was how he asked us to watch that movie. It was so cute! I found some socks with Lightning McQueen (the main character of the movie) on them, and he made the same noise every time we put them on him. I got depressed when he learned how to say "Cars" about a week later. The "vroom" ish noises were just so darn cute! *sniff*

We went outside during a wind storm a week or so ago, and he said, "awesome!" Quite clearly. Not quite sure where he picked it up, but he does say it occasionally and uses it quite appropriately. Including at church yesterday, and the moms in the hall with me just started laughing and asked if that's really what he said. Yep. At least it wasn't "dammit."

Sadly, my lovely daughter loves Jonas, the "band". She has exposed her baby brother to their "music," and one of his new words is "Joe." Which means he really wants to listen to Jonas "sing". Oy. We'll cure him someday, I'm sure.

He watches way too much Disney Channel with his dad and sister while I'm resting in the evenings. He now says Sonny, Charlie, and Ferb, all characters in various shows on said channel.

He's also learned to say chocolate. No idea where THAT came from. ha.

Another word he likes is "popcorn." We sing "Popcorn Popping" a lot because he likes the actions. He finally correlated "popcorn" with that yummy salty, buttery goodness when we saw a movie a couple of weeks ago. He found a box of microwave popcorn in the pantry a few days ago and brought it to me. We haven't had it for quite a while but it was still in date. I made him some, he ate quite a bit of it, and now he keeps saying "popcorn" while opening his hands like you do in the song. If we start singing and that isn't what he wants, he gets mad and keeps saying it over and over. We eventually get the message.

He also learned what the word "blessing" means when we're saying a blessing before dinner -- he mimics us and folds his arms and bows his head and says "MEN!" really loudly after we all do.

Today's new word? Sorry. He threw his plastic wheelbarrow at me and when I said, "Ouch! Dammit!" he said, "Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!" and hugged my feet and legs where the wheelbarrow had made impact. He kept saying it after he hit his sister with a wooden spoon, and even said it to himself when the spoon rebounded and smacked himself in the forehead.

We haven't tried to teach him any of those words or behaviors; he just picked them up over time. Guess that means I need to learn to quit saying bad words again, because sooner or later he'll start saying the ones that are worse than "Crap!" which he did copy me and say one day, but hasn't since.


evitafjord said...

Ahhh, I think sorry is my favorite. So cute.

Kristina P. said...

Kids somehow know the words they aren't supposed to say. A sixth sense, I guess!

Jillybean said...

Chocolate is a very important word to know :0)

steph k said...

Aww. That kid is all adorableness.

My co-worker's daughter picked up the "GD"-Bomb from her... and says it ALOT. She's having a hard time breaking her of it.... she's glad that she hasn't picked up the F-word from her dad.