Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ooooo, a poem!

Small Fry sent me this poem. With this little note. "the poem is about never giving up and reaching your goals. i wrote it myself show it off for me heh heh heh >:D"

Man was strong and brave,
but the dangers ahead were grave.
The mountain was steep,
and death was just a leap.
But onward he went,
over every lump, slope, and dent.
He must use all his will and might,
to go forth, to fight.
Threw rain, sleet and snow,
up was the only way to go.
The cold he had to endure,
but near the top he was sure.
He was tired and his arms were weak,
but near the he could almost reach the peak.
Upon the top he rested done,
he smiled happily for he had won.
He gazed in awe at his veiw,
for what looked like the sky had split in two.
The beutiful moon and shining stars filling the empty night,
with the peachy sun and cotten clouds glowing light.
This feeling of inner peace he could not resist,
Cause just for a moment time had cease to exist.

I'll have to email it to her dad and have him go read it. I like the concept. She did well, even with a few typos.

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