Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. Long story short, Small Fry has been feeling ignored by her dad (the husband) and rightfully so. She refused to answer the phone when we called on Easter and has ignored my last couple of emails, so we hadn't heard from her in almost 2 months. Her mom emailed me and created some drama, but the husband handled it really, really well for the first time EVER, and wrote Small Fry a letter this week. Kiddo drew her a cute picture and wrote a little note, and I wrote one too. Mailed it off a few days ago with some insurance stuff her mom requested. Small Fry emailed me today, out of the blue, just random stuff about life and didn't mention any of the drama. Woooo.

2. With the insulin, I can have small amounts of dark chocolate if I eat it at certain times. I'm much happier. haha.

3. I scored 15 boxes of Quaker cereals at Smith's this week for 6 bucks. Life, Cap'n Crunch (for the husband and kiddo), and low sugar instant oatmeal. Mmmmmm, I think I might try some oatmeal for breakfast soon!

4. The husband's check today was actually almost normal. Next week's should be too. When his take home pay dropped by half, we had enough to cover bills and food, but have none put aside for when we have to move to a rental. We're hoping he's able to get some more hours between now and August so we can do so, and that I'll be able to kick it in gear at work and make a bit more money, too, since he should be starting school then.

5. I finished some diapers for sale and shipped those off, too. And the gal who bought them referred me to a friend of hers for a bunch for her son, who has cystic fibrosis and will need dipes until he's about 5 and can have a surgery to help out with bowel and bladder control. Between the two orders, the cost of most of my supplies I bought for Thumper's diapers will almost be taken care of. It was already paid for, but it'll be nice to have a little of that money back! And if they like them, hey, I might get more orders. ;) Here's some pictures.

The stack!
A bonus newborn diaper for the one she's about to have -- she has no idea I made this one to match one of the ones for her toddler!

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The Boob Nazi said...

Those diapers are SO CUTE. And I wouldn't just say that haha.