Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!

1. The kids and I went to Thanksgiving Point yesterday with DisGrace and her kids and our niece ... who is home (temporarily) from her mission. (long story short: she has been sick since she got into the MTC and developed such bad ear infections, it's caused hearing loss.) We ran into a former neighbor from when I was growing up; her sister was my best friend. Fun to see her and her kids and some other relatives. Little Mister was so excited to see all the animals, and the cousins took turns taking him various places. I got a nice break, and a little too much sun!

2. I found a refurbished washer from an appliance repair shop. The husband and his brother are going to pick it up today. Here's hoping it works well, but it does come with a warranty.

3. The insulin has brought my blood sugars under control ... I even had a bite of dessert with dinner last night and everything was fine. Wooooo! Still hoping I'll be fine after the baby comes. We'll see.

4. I just love my family. Kids are so great. Thumper is really wiggly and was sticking her butt straight out last night. At least I'm pretty sure it was her butt. It prevented me from leaning over at all, but it was cute. Little Mister is just a happy kid. Adore him. Kiddo is learning that giving me attitude isn't good and she's been much more helpful and pleasant this week, and we've all gotten along better. Here's hoping it continues when she goes back to school next week. The husband has mellowed a lot while off work as well. And I haven't missed work once, though I am looking forward to all of us getting back to our routines next week.

5. Crock pots. Threw a roast in the crock pot before we went to Turkey Point yesterday and we got to have dinner on time. It's been a hectic week in some ways, so it was good to have a nice dinner last night. We're supposed to go to the aquarium today, so I have to figure out what we'll be doing. Have a turkey thawed and ready to go, but I can't leave it while I'm gone, and the husband will probably be sleeping at some point ... so ... yeah. Maybe it's for tomorrow.

I'd better get some breakfast. Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!


Wonder Woman said...

I did a pot roast last weekend when we had family was delicious and so easy. I don't use my crock pot nearly enough!!!

This weekend is going to be gorgeous! I'm hoping to do something really fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey Spotchcock that turkey and it will be done and ready to eat in 70 minutes...So you could still do it today. But whether you do it today or tomorrow you will never eat a more delicious turkey!
google it and you will get a doz. hits... and by the way all I put on mine is olive oil and salt and pepper. and it is so awesome!
I just noticed I was signed in as Abigail..that is what I get for letting those girls have e-mails.
Love, Rockelle

Kristina P. said...

I definitely need to use my crockpot more. It sounds like your week went well!

The Boob Nazi said...

Oh man, I hope her hearing is able to be restored with hearing aids and whatnot.

Kipluck said...

So sorry I couldn't come play with yopu on the farm, because I WAS at Thanksgiving Point at the time.... just not at the farm. I was teaching a class across property at the gardens. Glad you had fun though! It was beautiful... got a little burned though.