Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So, I didn't have the best night last night with the baby keeping me awake and then the kiddo waking me up (she had nightmares) and then hubby came home and woke me up ... didn't sleep so good. Cried a lot, waited until hubby got up and told him that he wasn't nice this morning. Had a couple of naps. Am feeling somewhat better now. It's just been a long, stressful day, and I'm glad kiddo is in bed and hubby's taking a nap before work. It's actually kind of quiet now. Weird.

Thanks to Mimzie being so generous in giving advice and assistance and linking me to pages to get some more help and a better free pattern, I made a newborn diaper tonight.

It didn't take that long and looks pretty good! I just hope it WORKS. Still have to sew on some snaps though (and i'll eventually be getting a snap press). I'm realizing this is a bigger project than I'd anticipated, but I am still planning to use clothies at least part time at first, hopefully full time once he gets out of the newborn size. That being said, I still need more than one diaper for the newborn stage and will need a ton of smalls and other sizes, so thank you Katie for getting me together with Paige -- I'm going over tomorrow to get some things and check out some stuff, and will have a better idea of what on earth I'm going to be doing the next three months ... and then the next few years. lol.

So all in all, the ending of the day is turning out better than the beginning. Yay!


steph k said...

aww... it's so cute and not covered in poo!

stewbert said...

*snort* ... yet. ;) Thanks!