Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Baby Stuff!

Oh my gosh ... I tried to get a car seat in the stores a few weeks ago and just got frustrated and upset. The one I wanted online (which said they had it in stores) is not really in stores here.

So, I just ordered the darn thing online ... along with a pack 'n' play, stroller, and a high chair, all matching zoo themed sort of stuff, so it's gender neutral and can be used if hubby decides we want another baby. (tongue in cheek; he's said he doesn't know if he can handle me pregnant again. bwahahaha.).

I feel better now. We have some clothes for him and the car seat will be here in a week or two, so we can actually bring him home at least ... lol.

The best part is that because I ordered it all at once (and spent so much ... *sigh*), I ended up with free shipping. $50 saved. Wahoooo!!!


steph k said...

I LOVE the jungle theme! That's what I might do for the shower.... lol

stewbert said...

Woohoo!!! :) FUN!

Katz said...

i love baby shopping, too.

dh said he couldn't handle me being pregnant again either. good thing he was gone for most of the last one. lol.