Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The weight thing.

I've had my beautiful stepdaughter here for 6 weeks and, well, life has been HARD. She's a kid, being raised by a mother who ... isn't up for any mother of the year awards. Some days she acted like she wanted to be here, and other days I'd've sent her packing in a heartbeat.

I took her to the airport yesterday as scheduled. Hubby was heartbroken. My reactions and feelings were very much different. I feel like our house is OURS again and our lives can get semi back to normal. And my daughter is my sweet kid again, instead of competing for everything.

So NOW I get to work on me again. Exercise, eating better (hard to do with Her Royal Pickiness in the house - she's even worse than MY kid).

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Kipluck said...

good luck on the you thing! Always a struggle, I know. SIGH.