Monday, August 27, 2007

Nosy Nellie

So, in the last week, we've had several people ask us if we're ever going to have more kids. Yeah, that hasn't helped the situation much at all.

My visiting teachers were asking about it and chatting about babies in general. They're both young, been married a bit longer than we have been, one has a 6-1/2-month-old baby boy (who was with them and quite cute) and the other has furbabies. Then we went to a BBQ/gaming party with a few of hubby's friends and they started asking about it, too. We're fairly close to all of these people and it's really not like they offended me or anything, but then as we talk and they find out about the miscarriages, they apologize to ME for bringing it up. They're not the only ones who have brought it up, but they are the only ones I've really let know what's been going on.

The thing is, my sweet husband might look like a big, mean, scary, tough guy, but he's more sensitive than I am (unless I'm PMSing). They really need to apologize to him. *sigh*

He did go off his meds a little while ago. He's actually doing better, our stress level has gone down with his shift change and his kiddo going back home, and Munchkin is a much happier kidlet right now, too.

So, yeah. The people asking these questions are probably going to be the ones driving me crazy when I *do* stay pregnant, rubbing my tummy and asking if I'm sure I'm not having twins. (Happened from about 5 months on from certain of my employees when I was pregnant with Munchkin -- not twins, just no room inside for babies, so they poke right out). GAH.


Kipluck said...

when it comes to when a person should have babies I personally would like to just tell people "KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT OF MY VAGINA!!!" Which seems mildly inappropriate. So they best not ask me any questions.

stewbert said...

LOL. That's hilarious.