Saturday, August 18, 2007


Kiddo (mUnchkin) starts back to school Tuesday. yesterday, we got to go meet her teacher. She's a gal with whom I went to high school, so it was fun catching up with her a bit. We were pretty good friends and she remembered me in a good way, which is sort of suprising considering I kind of lost my mind during my senior year. And everyone thought I was pregnant at graduation but I wasn't. In fact, I was still a virgin. (didn't get into any of that with her, but the other folks we hung out with spread that rumor, so I was sort of shocked she was happy to see me).

Anyway. Hubby is doing better with meds and his new shift. He likes working fewer hours and having more time at home. I like the fact that he's happier and more normal. So that's awesome.

Looking forward to back to school next week so I can really get back in the groove of my new split shifts.

And then maybe I'll have more time to play WoW ... *snicker*


Kipluck said...

That's kind of random to get to catch up with a HS friend that way! Try to remember some embarrassing dirt on her though... in case Munchkin needs some leverage for an A. hee hee!

stewbert said...

nah, she was a good kid. i was the bad one ... if there is dirt to be dished, it's on me. hahahaha.