Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Blind Date

This would be my cuzzin and his parents. Cuzzin is on the left (duh). He is 31. Sweet guy, works hard, travels a bit with his job ... And he wants to get married and have kids. Wild, huh?

The catch? He thinks white girls are boring. So he wants someone with some flava. Latina, black, whatever, just not boring. I figure I have not boring white friends, but don't know any single women of other flavors. But whatever.

He's also only semi-active in the church. He remodels LDS churches for a living and when Sunday comes around, he doesn't want to go in one. It's an excuse, to be sure, and he readily admits such. And he says he's still a virgin (NO, I DIDN'T ASK THAT).

So yeah. I don't know why I'm posting this. It just struck me as amusing that my cousin said, "I think we white people are boring." I had to remind him we aren't exactly white. And I have some girlfriends who are white and definitely not boring ... ahem.

It'd be funny to start a dating service for good guys who are stuck in ruts and too old for singles wards. Y'all could rate them with stars for personality, looks, job potential, etc.

I wish I had a picture of my BIL -- 34 (i think), working full time now, going to start grad school, and since he's hubby's bro obviously he's Tongan and relatively cute (although my husband is sooooooooo much hawter; I'm not biased or anything).


steph said...


Guys like that make me want to scream... because really - that's pretty much who I hang out with. Guys who would "never" be interested in me. Hee hee hee.

Well that's fine... I'm not interested in THEM (right?)

stewbert said...

hehehehe. RIGHT.

steph said...

oh, plus he's a redsox fan. I refuse to date any and all redsox fans.

stewbert said...


So I just realized I do have a single SIL -- who is Tongan. But I wouldn't set her up with him either.