Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thoughts flitting around my head.

A) I could have made almost as much take home pay if I'd quit my job last year and received earned income credit for my children on my taxes.

B) I like sewing. I want to make money doing something I like. And typing about gaping wounds in people is not something I enjoy anymore. How to make money sewing?? And am I really good enough at that to really sell stuff I make and have it be worth my time? I need more time/money/space to sew as much as I want because if I'm not good enough, I need more practice. And if I am good enough, I need a space where the kids can't reach up and push buttons or grab fabric off my table while I'm sewing. Bother.

C) A gal I know (slightly) designed a fabric I like a lot. She's even doing more. And I thought, "ooooooo, I could do that." yeah, except remember, Stewbert, you don't draw very well. Something I could *learn* but not sure I have the talent for.

4) My ultrasound is tomorrow. Hopefully Thumper cooperates and lets us know the gender so I can make cutesy girlie stuff if it's a girl, and some boyish stuff if it's a boy.

Q) There is no Q. Kiddo and I just yell Q while we're driving because it's one of the hardest letters to find in the alphabet game which she loves to play, so every time we see one, it gets noticed. Loudly.

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kadyb said...

Well, good luck with that. Carla and I (briefly) tried sewing for people but couldn't make enough for it to be worth our while. If you make little things like bags and accessories, there are many places where you can sell things like that, especially on-line, sew it might work out. I guess typing about emergency care can get old. :)