Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just life.

I ordered a bunch of diaper-making fabric and supplies last week and it's all slowly trickling in. I think I'm waiting on two more packages ... I need more sewing time, but I'm also trying to de-clutter and clean our house because A) it's making me crazy and B) we need to get ready for the new baby. I am making slow but steady progress with that as well, but it cuts into the sewing time. le sigh.

The kitchen table is a table again, not a sewing storage unit. I've managed to organize it all fairly well, though it still needs some work. I got almost everything cleared off the bar part of the kitchen counter, and it now has a nice "centerpiece" of fruit. The husband was thrilled it was room temperature and started eating it again. lol. Silly man!

Two nights ago, the husband missed TWO doses of his bipolar meds. Going off of them suddenly can cause a seizure. He didn't have one, but he did get all paranoid and think he was in trouble with me. He wasn't, but I did start worrying about him when he wasn't home on time to take kiddo to school (an hour after he's usually home) and had to miss my training session. And I worried more as it approached TWO hours late. When he came in, I could tell something was wrong, but he didn't want to tell me what. Just the meds. He didn't wreck the car, but didn't want to get in trouble OR get drugged up.

I handed him his pills and made him take them. *sigh*

He's still suffering withdrawal symptoms and hasn't been able to go to work since. BUT he's fairly stable emotionally -- just really lethargic and a bit shaky. Not safe in his work environment. Hoping he's able to get back to work tomorrow.

After a rotten custody battle, my SIL got full custody of her son. We're all quite thrilled and can't wait until he's over the bronchiolitis and ear infections he came home with so we can have them over for dinner.

Turkey and tomato sandwiches with mayo, salt, and pepper are the most wonderful thing I think I've eaten for a while.

Well. Those and cookies and cream ice cream. But that makes my stomach hurt if I eat too much of it.

Little Mister learned how to feed himself oatmeal with a spoon this morning. It involved quite a mess and me still being hungry afterward (okay, when am I NOT hungry lately?) because it was MY oatmeal and he was in my lap rather than the high chair, but the giggles and "i'm so cool" look on his face were worth it.

Kiddo sang in her class's talent show today. I didn't go, but she told me the kids liked the song. It was a lullaby my mom sang to me and I've sung to kiddo since she was tiny tiny tiny. She also had a mild collision with another student upon leaving school on Monday -- they were both running and didn't see the other and WHAM! Down she went. Little Mister and I happened to be across the street, watching, and when she didn't bounce back up immediately, I grabbed him out of his seat and ran to her. A teacher was trying to help her get up, but she was hurting pretty bad. when I said, "I guess we need to go home and ice you up instead of getting your hair cut," she said, "No, I'm okay! Let's go!" she was fine until we got home and then the pain hit. She had a hard time getting up the stairs. Her knees are pretty banged up, but that seems to be all the damage. Thankfully.

I did meet with my trainer this morning, in probably my last session until after my baby gets here. She's going on maternity leave (she's due on the 9th) and, though they have other trainers I could work with, I am getting too big to do much workout-wise. I still intend to go and walk on the treadmills, but anything else is just too much anymore. Sad.

And ... I think I'd better get to work.

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The Boob Nazi said...

I can't believe you're making your own diapers! That is crazy!