Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!

1. I scored 4 jumpers for baby girl for 9.40 including shipping on the sewing website I'm on. They have a place where you can sell stuff you don't need/want, and, well ... they were cute. Can't wait to get them. We have almost nothing for her as far as clothes go (so if you're trying to think of something to get us, cute baby girl clothing is what is needed, hint hint. hahaha).

2. I also managed to pick up 12 brand new girly cloth diaper covers for about $35. Unheard of -- typically they are about that much for two, maybe three. I can't even make them for that cheap. I have purchased some cute fabrics to make some more anyway, as 12 smalls are not.enough. and they don't include the absorbent part.

3. Tax returns are nice. Having children gives you a bigger tax return. We would have owed if we didn't have two tax deductions this year.

4. We put baby boy back in his cloth diapers full time (except nights) and I love seeing his little fluffy butt. (cloth diapers are not as trim as disposables.) He's been fighting me on every diaper change, but started cooperating this week when I handed him the baby wipe and let him wipe himself when he's just wet. As long as he gets to wipe his own self, he lets me get a clean diaper back on him. If not, he screams and arches his back and hits me. Wonderful; he's stubborn and independent. Must have gotten that from his father. (um, not the hitting part - his dad doesn't hit any of us. just thought i'd clarify before someone calls the cops.) I also figured out that he doesn't want to nap in his room, so we sleep in the recliner and sleep longer in it, which means he isn't ready for bed when he usually is. AND he wants a specific blanket on him (which he'd puked on earlier in the week and I just finally got to wash it today!) as well as his football to cuddle when I do put him in his crib. Maybe if I can remember that for longer than 30 seconds, we can have a decent night tomorrow when I put him down.

5. Work has picked up a bit for me and seems to be doing so for the husband. His work hasn't announced any Saturday closures for the coming month, and they gave him an extra day last week. My work actually called me tonight to see if I could work extra -- first time in MONTHS they've done that. Soooooooo ... yeah. Things might work out after all.


The Boob Nazi said...

I loooveee hearing about good deals. There's nothing better than finding something for super cheap!

Kristina P. said...

Sounds like things are looking up!

Rockelle said...

where does you hubby work?
cant wait to see you!

The Boob Nazi said...

WTF is clearing cookies?

oh just ehu. said...

I'd like to think of my butt being "fluffy" too :)