Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!

1. The ultrasound. There are things I really like about modern medicine. Ultrasound technology is one of them. (Depakote is another, but that's another post.) Anyway, being able to see our baby and see that she's healthy and developing well brought a lot of peace of mind to all of us. It's been hard for me to believe that I'm pregnant and everything is fine until now, but I'm getting *very* excited about our baby's arrival!

2. DisGrace and I are planning a road trip to see my folks and Japan Boy et. al. the first week of April, as Japan Boy and his family are moving back to the States from Japan! The OB gave the go ahead, so DisGrace started looking at prices for the hotel where we'll plan to stay, taking two days to make the trip (5 kids + pregnant me = a LONG time in the car!). The trip seems more real and I'm rather looking forward to it.

3. Little Mister let the cute little dental assistants take his x-rays and brush his teeth at the dentist on Tuesday. He wasn't too happy about the dentist looking in his mouth, but blew kisses at the dentist when we left. Such a funny kid. And Kiddo and Little Mister are both cavity free!

4. Sewing up pink stuff -- diapers, covers, blankets, sleepers ... Love my little boy, but baby girl stuff is so much fun! hehe

5. Being able to spend a little time with DisGrace on Wednesday. Without any kids. except the one in my belly. LOVE. hahaha

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MamaBear said...

so very very happy for you. baby girls are just a different kind of girly fun.

disgustingly jealous of your road trip, fixing to weep uncontrollably. life is life and it just isn't easy no matter where you are. but maybe i should live in portland. :(