Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Valentine's present(s)

A Valentine which Little Mister "made" in nursery. With my help.

Half of the treat his teacher gave him.

The husband coming home after working a double and giving me a kiss. And $100. From my in-laws. Because we decided to use MIL's name as one of Thumper's middle names. (note: that is how you kiss up to in-laws! hahahaha. and I am so going to Bajio for lunch this week on them.)

Came home early from church with Little Mister because he didn't want to be in nursery and fell asleep with him. The primary president walked Kiddo home an hour later and she didn't wake me up. Which means I got a lovely 2+ hour nap, but woke up in a panic because I didn't know she was home yet. haha.

And the opportunity to make dinner for my loving family.

Can you tell Valentine's Day isn't that big of a deal around here? lol. I usually do get roses and dinner or something, but am fine with not getting them this year.

My computer has a nasty virus so I may not be around too much until it comes back from the compooper hospickle since I am only on the husband's computer when he's gone or asleep. I'm planning on sewing as much as possible this week though, so I can get a lot of diapers and things made for the new baby. oooo, and finish the wedding quilt!

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