Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. As you may know, I had to have 3 fillings on Monday. My dental insurance covered quite a bit of it and we have more than enough in our flex spend to cover the rest. I know, this doesn't seem like a happy thing to have to have fillings (and I hurled when they applied the local anesthesia ... thank you so much baby!), BUT I'm thankful that the out of pocket expense is minimal.

2. Little Mister has figured out that if he wants me while I'm cooking or doing dishes or sewing or on the computer, he can bring me the mei tai (pictured a few posts ago) and I will wear him and he can play with my hair (and grab the fridge and poke his sister if she comes in) while I'm doing stuff. I wore him for a while today while folding laundry because he dragged it over to me and said, "Up?" So stinking cute.

3. A gal I haven't seen since high school (um, 16 years? how is that possible?) posted on her facebook page that she's trying to do some walking videos at home but only has one. She has lymphedema in her legs and some other stuff going on and wants to get healthier, so I sent her a note saying I had a few DVDs by Leslie Sansone and since the kids won't let me work out at home and I have been going to the gym again, she was welcome to them. She stopped by yesterday and picked them up, asking if I wanted them back or if I wanted money for them. Nope. Three things I haven't used in over a year: Gone. Now, I realize they're small things, but every little thing I've gotten rid of or project I've finished and shipped or delivered has helped my mental state. Hopefully I can get enough accomplished before this baby shows up that I don't go absolutely bonkers.

4. While folding a mountain of laundry, I found some cloth diapers that still fit Little Mister today. He was in cloth the rest of the day and they fit better than they had the last time he wore them (because he's gotten taller and slimmed down a bit since he started walking), which made me happier. No leaks, no messes escaped. Happy happy joy joy. Unfortunately, his little diaper rash came back (he's been sick and teething again this week), so I'm stripping them again and hopefully they'll work better tomorrow. And when I make more, I at least know where to make some fit adjustments so they work a little better for him.

5. We're getting a federal tax return big enough to take care of a few things and put some money aside for emergencies. It's not HUGE (we don't qualify for EIC, for starters), but decent. And as an added bonus, we don't owe state taxes this year (unlike last year when more than half of our federal return went to state). Awesome.


The Boob Nazi said...

I'm glad you didn't have to pay a lot for your fillings! Yay, insurance.

Kristina P. said...

We got more back this year for taxes than we ever have since we've been married. Which promptly went to a new car we had to buy. :(