Saturday, October 31, 2009

Old Navy

How happy I am: Stuff and Save = 30% off, plus I hit the clearance sale, so everything on clearance was 50% off. um, can you say Christmas? haha.

I did pick up dresses for 3 of my nieces (because that's all they had -- I didn't know about the sale until today and it ended today, so most of the clearance for kids was GONE) for Christmas, but still have a nephew and a niece to do something for. I also got:
2 pairs of workout pants for me
1 heavy long sleeved workout top for me (mostly so I don't freeze going between the gym and the car)
1 dress for me (which will expand with my belly)
2 shirts for Kiddo
3 pairs of jeans for Kiddo
1 dress for Kiddo
1 pair of pants for Little Mister (for when he's bigger)
1 pair of shorts for Little Mister (for next summer)
2 shirts for Little Mister (one for now, one for next halloween)
2 pairs workout shorts for The Husband
1 hoodie for The Husband
1 football for Little Mister (which is the only thing I bought that wasn't on sale of some sort! but still got 30% off)

It has been quite a while since The Husband or I got something new, so this is exciting for me, especially the workout gear. We went in for jeans for Kiddo because her pants are all falling off or don't go on, so though I spent more than the $30 I'd planned, we all have something that fits and that we needed. I spent around $105 on $325 worth of clothes. I wish I'd known about the clearance sale sooner, but I'm happy.

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Kristina P. said...

I have my coupon too! I need to go. I was looking online today, figuring out what I'm going to buy!