Sunday, October 25, 2009

14th in a row

*sigh* I'm getting lonesome or something.

Last night I had a nightmare. When we first got married, most of my nightmares revolved around my ex -- as in, I often had nightmares I was still married to HIM instead of my sweetheart. Probably went on for 2 years.

Last night's was different, which is good in that way (y'know, married to the right guy and all), but bad because of the content. Then he was super late getting home this morning and left early tonight since his boss is moving to a different shift and the supervisor on last night was a punk ... oy. Anyway.

I'm just glad I got to see the husband for 5 minutes today. I am headed to the gym tomorrow for the first time since Wednesday, so I'm sure Little Mister will be happy to see his daddy for longer than 5 minutes, too. Kiddo desperately wants to carve the pumpkins I bought the other day, so hopefully we get a chance to do that tomorrow for family night.


MamaBear said...

lucky. you're only GETTING lonely. pity party!

and nightmares. gah.

Rockelle said...

I hope I get to even buy Pumpkins this year!
I have 8 kids in my house this whole week.

stewbert said...

Wow Rockelle! That's a full house!