Saturday, October 3, 2009

What does Conference weekend mean to you?

We do watch conference, but it means a few other things that are good to do at this time, too.

Several years ago, my mom started revamping our 72-hour kits every Conference weekend. Which is awesome; things don't go bad, you can rotate meds so fresh/potent ones are always in the kit, and kids like eating the snacks from the kits during Conference after you put new ones in the kits.

I carried on the tradition until we got married ... 3 years ago. Lots of other things happened and that was at the bottom of my priority list.

Until today.

My husband has been freaking out quietly about "what do I do in a disaster? I have to have my meds!" Well, we put some aside during refills last month and were going to put them in the kits, but the doctor prescribed it a little differently (extended release instead of delayed release, so it doesn't hit his system as fast), so we're using that emergency stash this weekend until she gets back in the office Monday and can get another refill. I'll put some more aside at that point. Anyway.

This whole freaking out made me think, "Gosh, it's been quite a while since I changed stuff out ..." And this month's Ensign had a blurb in there from a nutritionist about what to include in a 72-hour kit to provide enough calories for 3 days.

I'd picked up some cheap granola bars at Macey's today (98 cents a box for Quaker, sweet) and had also scored wheat thins for 70 cents each box a couple weeks ago, plus some inexpensive peanut butter on sale a few weeks ago, so all of that was earmarked to go in there to replace things that had expired. not our MREs that my brother loaded us up with when he left the military ... just the commercial stuff that expired. I also managed to get a few "free" things at Walgreens this week -- toothbrushes were $3, but I had a 75 cent coupon and got a $3 register reward, dental floss for $2 and got a $2 register reward, etc. -- so those went in as well.

So, during the morning session, I made kiddo go down to the garage and grab our packs.

Things we found:
1. If you leave those cheese and cracker packs long enough, the cheese goes from orange to brown. Ew.
2. Water bottles don't like being crammed together too long.
3. My batteries that were only good through 2008 are still working in my flashlight.
4. I had glasses and a contact case in there, but haven't needed either for over two years since I had LASIK.
5. Babies will need diapers. I had none in either pack.
6. Had there been an actual emergency, kiddo's spare underwear and clothes would not have fit.
7. Neither would mine (see previous post comment about current size).
8. My husband didn't even have a toothbrush in either of the kits, let alone his own kit. That could pose a problem.

So, we got rid of the bad stuff, replaced it with new, and will swap that out in 6 months. I'm also making a list of things we'll need in April to update everything, but we're okay for now, and I'll keep putting things in them in the interim (like baby tylenol and meds for hubby when we get that sorted out and a portable water filter when we're able).

Also on my agenda this weekend: Vacuuming out the dryer vent and bottom of dryer, as recommended by a friend who has kept the same dryer her mother had when the friend was growing up. They've done it every 6 months. It's over 30 years old and they've never had to do more than replace 2 heating elements. Plus, it's a long way from the dryer to the actual outside vent, so it needs to be done, STAT! We want to keep our new dryer new!

Other things to consider: Replacing batteries in smoke and CO detectors, cleaning the oven, checking fire extinguishers.


Kristina P. said...

This is a great idea! I will pass it along to my coworker. We're going to mooch off her in the case of an emergency.

stewbert said...

hahahaha ... awesome. at least you have a plan!

The Boob Nazi said...

Umm conference weekend means lying on the couch, watching other TV than conference. Oh well, I try.

oh just ehu. said...

General Conference=Temple closed=a WHOLE weekend of nothing!!

musicmom said...

Wow Esther, you are AWESOME!!! Way to go!

kadyb said...

:) Hang in there - you're doing great! Love, Mom