Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Fave Five

1. Finally feeling better! I've been sick for the past week with apparently an H1N1 mimicker virus, not actual H1N1 itself. It finally turned into a sinus infection yesterday so I'm finally on antibiotics. Love the PA -- he saw me Tuesday and when I called yesterday, he just called in the antibiotics. Save me another co-pay! lol.

2. Little Mister started saying "No" a lot, and "ow" when he wants attention or help. It's cute. He also says "cracker" and "cookie" but they sound the same.

3. Kiddo ran Dawn in the dishwasher instead of Cascade last night. I now have a sparkling kitchen floor and she's cleaned out the dishwasher, too. She cleaned up the floor without being told! Awesome!

4. Pheromones. Let's just say, going to the gym, even though I haven't lost any weight (because I'm PREGNANT) still has some benefits. hahahaha.

5. The gal at the fabric store was super friendly with Little Mister today, even though he would only say "no" to her. When my bag tore in the parking lot and my buttons fell out, she saw and brought me a new bag. Love good customer service. (I was NOT at Jo-Ann).


The Boob Nazi said...

Yay no more being sick! I'm just starting again. UGH I hate working at a place with so many kids.

stewbert said...

I hear ya. Wish my kid didn't have to go to school. :/