Friday, October 9, 2009

oh noes!

My computer wouldn't connect to the internet this morning!

After a frantic call to sony and a system restore, we are all better now.

Um, so here's Friday Fave Five!

1. Little Mister took 5 steps the other day. He's more willing to hold our hands and walk, too, even in the middle of the night when he's supposed to be sleeping but isn't.

2. Working out, just finished my 10th day at the gym. I have never really enjoyed it like I am right now -- that endorphin high is awesome. I've had some "highs" after Tae Bo or something but not consistently.

3. The husband being committed to watching Little Mister so I can hit the gym every day. Lurve him.

4. Kiddo helping out more around the house since I'm spending more time away. Plus she's grounded for not turning in homework, so she's around more. hahaha.

5. Lunch with Kaje yesterday. Good times.

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Kimbooly said...

Tell Kaje I say hello!