Wednesday, October 7, 2009

the so-called runner's high

I always thought people were lying about this. how the heck can *running* or any other exercise for that matter feel good? it makes you sweat, makes your muscles burn and hurt, and just makes you tired. Like, all last week, all I could do was sleep.


My (apparently temporary) trainer had me get on an elliptical yesterday since it would be easier on my joints than walking. I've never used one before, always felt like I'd fall off. So after resistance training for my chest and back, I used the elliptical for 30 minutes.

I still felt like I was going to fall off, for the first couple of minutes. Especially after my legs started BURNING. He said to slow down and push through it, continuing to move was the important part. And that intense burning only lasted a couple of minutes.

Monitoring my heart rate, I kept going until minute 25, when suddenly I felt so good I thought, "I COULD KEEP GOING! THIS IS AWESOME!"

Still felt like that at minute 30, but prudence won out. I got off the machine and wobbled out of the gym into the cold morning air. Forgot to stretch. Oops. Coming up our stairs was a challenge, but throughout the course of the day yesterday, I found a few things.

1. I didn't need as long of a nap yesterday afternoon, though I did still sleep some. My sleep was better last night, too. Except for my nightmare of weighing 400 pounds ... which got my butt out of bed first thing and off to the gym again.
2. I don't HURT as much. I had been having a lot of joint pains just picking up the baby or carrying him around. Aside from the worked-on muscles, the pain is gone.
3. I have more energy, am walking taller, and have more confidence. Am I thinner yet? No. But I FEEL better.
4. Kiddo says I'm nicer on the days I work out.
5. The husband likes how much energy I have too. Ahem.

The high was even cooler this morning because I *did* keep going, and went until I was fatigued. It was awesome. 15 minute warm up on the elliptical, 30 minutes lifting (and boy are my muscles sore!), and 40 minutes back on the elliptical. beautiful. I did stretch a bit before leaving the gym and came home, and I did have a "yittle" nap with the baby, though I probably needed a bit longer (he woke up early). But hey, if there's this much improvement in 10 days, i'd better keep going.

OH, and the trainer giving me the free sessions mostly only does freebies, so my "real" trainer (that's what he said; I prefer "permanent" trainer) will meet me in a couple more weeks. woo.


Kristina P. said...

I actually really like the elliptical. No impact!

The Boob Nazi said...

I love when you hit the 25 or 30 minute high. "I CAN DO THIS ALL EFFING DAY!" but then you realize you have a life and have to get off.