Monday, October 5, 2009

Deal of the week

Dove. Specifically, Dove deodorant.

At Walgreens, all Dove products are 25% off. They are also offering register rewards: If you buy 8 items, you get $10 back; 6 items, $6 back; 4 items, $2 back.

I had 4 coupons for $1.50 off two deodorants. No brainer, go buy 8. My out of pocket cost was about $13 and I got $10 back (making each essentially 38 cents). There were a few other things on sale and/or had RR, so I bought them, too, and did go over that $10 RR. BUT, for what I would have spent over a year on just deodorant OOP (appx $25), I managed to also get:

2 packages of Charmin toilet paper
3 bottles of J&J baby wash
2 bags of M&Ms (RR for $1)
Purell to put in the 72-hour kit to replace the expired one (this also generated a RR for $2)
3 cans Swanson's broth
Some candy to ship to Julie from England (we're doing a Sweets Swap, shipping each other candy and/or sweets from the other's country within a specified price range; I still need twinkies and some other things)
And a ring for my daughter because I'm a sucker.

Plus, now I don't have to buy deodorant until another great sale comes up. I *love* this part of saving money this way -- the things we always run out of (toilet paper, personal care items, hand soap, kleenex, dishwasher detergent) are now things we have more than one of in the house. We also have food storage and "snacky" things, so when there are PMS type cravings or the husband is going bonkers for some chocolate, we have it in the house! And don't have to run out and pay full price!

I did go back and spent more money on body wash -- generating another $10 register reward. But I didn't have quite as good of a ratio on that stuff. But just today, I saved $40 with couponing, and have another $13 in register rewards to spend however. Wahoo.

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The Boob Nazi said...

Can you tell me these things in advance? I need good deals.