Monday, October 19, 2009

Need toilet paper?

Who doesn't? Besides my crazy friends who use family cloth (ew. i may cloth diaper, but refuse to go there).


At Walgreens this week, Quilted Northern 9 big rolls is on sale for 3.99, but it's only the equivalent of 6 double rolls. However, 12 double rolls are still on sale for 6.99; the Sunday paper had a $1 coupon and their in-store Octogre coupon book has a 50 cent coupon. You can use both and get 12 double rolls for $5.49. And it generated a $2 off cottonelle catalina. Way better deal, even if you don't have the $1 off coupon.

Also, if you haven't tried it, Vaseline has a new line of lotions called Sheer Infusion. They are $6.99 at Walgreens, but offer a $7 register reward. So you pay the $7+ tax for it, it gives you the $7 back, and you use that on whatever else you might need. My daughter doesn't love the scent but does love what it does for her eczema on her hands. My nephew likes the scent and loves the effect on his eczema. The one I bought today is for me to try on my extremely dry hands from washing lots and using lots of antibac.

I bought a lotion, then used the RR and coupons to buy toilet paper, a giant thing of Germ-X, and a candy bar [which is going in the freezer for my next cheat day]. I think I spent around $10 out of pocket. Not bad.

Hopefully when I go back Wednesday after their shipment gets in, they still have lotion. I plan get one of those and use the RR for more toilet paper and Puffs tissues ... because we're running out and almost in desperate need. With sick kids at home, we were almost out of hand sanitizer, too, hence the giant thing of Germ-X. It now resides in the garage (for when we take the trash out), as the one I had kept down there migrated upstairs with the husband for use after wiping baby's snotty nose when we don't have time to wash hands a zillion times a day.


Cupcake said...

Oh wow. . .family cloth. . .never heard of that before. GROSS!

stewbert said...

I know. Ew.

kadyb said...

Double gross. Uck.

wv: piciam - Piciam about the tp I use.

oh just ehu. said...

Wow, I just threw up in my mouth. Someone pass me a family, on second thought, I'll just go use some TP instead.

As long as we're posting about TP, I DO NOT recommend Cottonelle!!! That #$%&@ thing rips! Even thru several layers!! I HATE IT!!! NEVER EVER BUY IT!