Thursday, May 27, 2010

So, we have a game plan

I plan to discuss this with the OB next Wednesday. She keeps flipping around -- she moved to the correct position last night, but Little Mister gave her a good kick today when he woke up from his nap, and she moved transverse and then breech later on. *sigh* She's just going to keep doing it because she has so much room!

If I go into labor on my own between now and the "deadline," and she is breech, we will ask them to try to turn her and then immediately break my water so she can't flip again. That means more pain and a probably faster labor, so I may end up with an epidural, but at least there's a hope of a natural delivery.

If we have to go the version route on the 11th and it is successful, we'll still ask them to immediately break my water for the same reasons and hope for the same outcome.

And again, if we have to do the C-section, it'll be okay.

The Architect came over and gave me a blessing tonight, and I'm feeling much more at peace about it all. The husband had planned to, but he's so freaked out about all of this, he finally said he's not in the best frame of mind to do so. So I emailed the Architect and it worked out just fine. And he convinced Kiddo to work on her room. So that was a bonus.

In other news, the kids have booby trapped the house. I stepped on a tape dispenser the other day and punctured my foot. It is now infected which makes it hard to walk. Awesome. And yes, I will discuss that with them too. In the meantime just trying to keep it clean and dry. woo.


Rockelle said...

I have done both...natural and epidural. I would take the epidural every time. JUst dont forget the anti itch meds...cause after having Abby I itched for was horrible. what a crazy side effect of the epidural! Thinking of you! hope it all goes well. MISS YA

SRA said...

Gah! Glad you got a blessing, though. I'll put you on the roll when I'm at the temple on Saturday if nothing's happened by then.