Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Good news!

Thumper turned the right direction this last week, so no more breech or talk of C-section. As long as she stays put. Guess she really didn't like the ice on the head bit -- hot bath, ice on top of my belly ... I did it 5 nights in a row, and the second night felt some major pain and pressure, so I'm thinking that's when she turned, but I kept doing it just in case. haha.

I'm almost 36 weeks' pregnant, and that's when Little Mister made his entrance into the world. So I'm half hoping she comes in the next few days to a week. 37 weeks is when Kidlet joined us. I'm not DUE until June 24th though. *sigh*

The diabetes appointment went very well -- even though I wasn't as consistent about tracking my numbers this last week, the ones I did track were normal so they're no longer talking about adding more insulin.

I also bought a new mattress pad and sheets today. I can't wait to go to bed tonight. Alone. *snicker*

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