Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

I can't believe I almost forgot! I've been doing so good at posting every Friday. Grah.

1. Sewing geekiness: I ordered a set of quilting feet for my sewing machine so I can learn to actually quilt, and they got here today. The manufacturer is different from the one that made my machine, so one of the feet is incompatible, but I'm okay with that. I spent about as much as for 3 feet and a tool as one of the feet normally costs -- and got two that work and a functional tool I can see myself using a lot. I'll hang onto the other foot -- I'll probably have to get a different (i.e. better) machine eventually and it may be compatible with that.

2. More sewing: I had a couple of coupons for JoAnn fabrics today, and got some things I've been needing, including a pair of pinking shears. They're the ones that zig zag the edges of fabric, which is helpful in preventing fraying, and also can be used to trim edges of small items that need to be turned right side out after sewing to create less bulk and a curvier shape. Like baby booties. When I got home, there was a check in the mail from my grandpa for my birthday last month, which covered the shears. Thanks for the prezzie Gramps! (I'll have to write him a real note later; he doesn't read the blahg.)

3. I had lunch with Kaje yesterday, and she brought me some cute stuff for baby: A blanket, some girly bibs (thankfully; I didn't have any, just the gender neutral ones I'd made for Little Mister), a cute little sailor girl outfit, and some white onesies on which she'd put some cute appliques. The onesies are everyone's favorites. We had a good conversation, and I gave her some zucchini muffins I made the other night as well as the juggling balls/hackeysacks I'd made for her cute son. He called me today to say thank you, and seemed very excited about them! And he talked to me for a few minutes. I haven't seen him a lot in recent years, and still sometimes think of him as the tiny munchkin he was when we were roommates, but he's 9 now, and all growed up.

4. Had lunch with DisGrace and all the kids today. When lunch was over, we traded kids: She took Kiddo home with her, and I got Niecey-poo. She's 14 and can either be quite helpful or quite a handful. Today, she chose the former. She went with me to the fabric store and kept Little Mister happy. When we got home, she changed his diaper while I was in the bathroom -- without even being asked! And then she helped me clean up the living room, which desperately needed it. I made spaghetti for dinner, which she ate, and then while I was trying to get Little Mister to bed (fail), she just read. She pretty much read until her dad came to get her. She was a HUGE help, and didn't whine at all. She even got clothes for Kiddo while I was putting LM to bed so Kiddo could sleep over at their house. I don't know where she managed to find clean ones, but she did!

5. Ice water. I'm not quite drinking it by the gallon, but close. It's helping me stay cool. So is putting ice on the top of my tummy to discourage Thumper from flipping again. lol

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