Tuesday, May 4, 2010

our internet

seriously sucks. it dropped my vpn 5 times in ONE HOUR while i was trying to work.

so while i couldn't work last night, i sewed this up for Thumper.

I have a skirt for Kiddo cut out using both fabrics and pants for Little Mister cut out, only using the plaid. I've asked Small Fry's mom for her measurements so I might be able to make her a skirt, too. I have enough fabric for it! Way overestimated what I needed. Anyway. It made me much less frustrated with the internet to do something productive.

The bonnet is a tester for a friend who created the pattern. I might have to find some little babies to try it on since Thumper is (thankfully) still inside!


Kristina P. said...

I love how you just whipped that up in like 5 minutes.

Tyson, Katie and Amelia said...

Wow, that's SO CUTE! And yes, I'm having troubles with my internet too and I work from home as well. Does NOT please me. GR.

musicmom said...

Darling!!!! Love it. You really have an amazing talent. I admire all you make. I can almost sew a straight line, and hem pants.....sometimes. :)