Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!!

1. The totes I made. *love* (can't post pictures yet, will do so later)

2. I bought this fancy handmade soap the other day for my own mother's day prezzie. Because I'm cool like that. Actually, I want a pedicure and the husband said that was fine, but um ... with so many medical appointments every week, there is no way I'll have time to do any pampering until this baby is 19. ANYWAY. About the soap. It's divine! My skin isn't dry or itchy, it hasn't made me break out yet (miracle!), and the ingredients list is very minimal. The gal who makes these soaps is on the sewing forum where I learn all kinds of fun things, and she is wonderful! Go. Shop. Buy. ... become a Facebook fan today and get a special discount (today)!

3. The fact that Little Mister looks for me at the stairs while I'm at the hospickle with all these dumb appointments warms my heart because I'm still his favorite, but I'm also getting happier with the fact that he's not freaking out when I'm NOT home, which might make the labor/delivery/hospickle stay a little easier on all involved.

4. Kiddo used some of her own money to buy prezzies for Little Mister, Thumper, and herself. When LM was an infant, he had a blanket we called "the magic blankie" because it would calm him down when nothing else would. So soft and fuzzy, made of Minkee, and we were washing it almost every day (after he puked on it). My SIL bought him a stuffed monkey made of Minkee, and we called it "the magic monkey." Sense a theme? I bought some fabric to make two identical magic blankies for Thumper (so she has one when the other is in the wash), and then we had to find some onesies and socks for her. While we were in the baby section, Kiddo found Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Piglet, all made with Minkee. Mickey and Minnie came with small fleece blankets, so she bought those for the babies, and she bought Piglet for herself. Little Mister *loves* Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney, and was SO excited about Mickey, he held him almost the entire way through the store after that. He's been sleeping with him, cuddling him, and giving him drinks from his sippie cup. So cute.

5. While it's not my fave that the husband keeps crashing from stress, especially with the coming baby and the pregnancy complications, it IS fabulous that he can talk to me about all of this stuff. He didn't talk to me about things before, so this is a good, positive step.

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The Boob Nazi said...

I see nothing wrong with buying yourself your own present.