Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fun times

Woke up with major contractions on Tuesday. Had to go to the hospickle anyway for a nonstress test. Baby was fine, contractions aren't making things progress much yet, and my doctors said they wouldn't stop labor if it came now anyway, so ... yeah. they sent me home after just over 2 hours there.

My blood sugars are under better control unless I have a migraine, so that's good. The diabetes folks didn't freak out over any of my numbers, so that was even better.

Saw one of the OBs yesterday, who did NOT freak me out about an amnio or any other interventions, so I'm feeling more calm.

I also felt pretty good in the afternoon, so I went to the store and finished up the baby shopping. I can still walk today, so that's good news.

Was off work last night, so I sewed. Contrary to Kristina's belief that it only takes me 15 minutes to whip up stuff, it took about 4-1/2 hours to make 4 totes for the baby's gear. Couldn't find any in the store that I liked, would fit into the empty bookshelf that's just sitting there, or were in our budget, and neither was another dresser. I had the fabric on hand and figured what the heck? And stayed up until after 2 finishing them. When I got up this morning, we loaded them up with baby clothes. Kiddo started the blankets washing, and we have diapers to do, but things are looking up as far as our being prepared goes. I do need to install the car seat base, but that's about it.

I had to go in for another test this morning (fun times, I tell ya), and had noticed that baby girl wasn't very active this morning. Panic. They found her heart rate right away, but she didn't move once for 10 minutes. With Kiddo, that wouldn't have worried me at all because she was a lazy baby, but the last two have not been. I said something to the nurse about the lack of moving ... I should've kept my mouth shut. Thumper started moving after those 10 minutes and did.not.stop. for 45 more minutes. Now, they expect to have 20-25 minutes of continuous monitoring for the nonstress tests in order for them to send you home. So that was a major problem. They finally got her back on the monitor, and even though she kept moving, it still picked up her heart rate. So I finally got to leave 20 minutes later.

I refuse to go anywhere tomorrow. I'm going to be lazy and stay in my jammies all day because I can. Plus, I have 5 appointments next week. Yay.

I keep telling Thumper to wait 3 more weeks and then just walk on out. I hope she's listening.


Kristina P. said...

OK, I guess I was off on my estimate. :)

*Lisa* said...

What no pictures of these fabric totes? :) I'm glad you're feeling prepared- weird to get to that "any day now" stage!

Glad everything was good with the doctors and stuff too- good luck with everything! I love reading your updates. I think I'd be a basket case having to deal with anything complicated right now. I already cry about everything! You're awesome :)