Monday, May 24, 2010

So flipping tired (whiny post)

I remember getting worn out toward the end of both of my other pregnancies, and I remember being uncomfortable and miserable. I do NOT remember wishing they were over, especially not early like this, and wanting to just be DONE being pregnant and being willing to go through labor to get the baby out of me. That didn't happen until I was already in labor! But here I am, not even 36 weeks, and I want to be done done done done done.

I'm sure part of the fatigue and doneness is because Little Mister has changed his sleep schedule a bit, and so I'm not getting the rest I need because he's not sleeping when he used to. That's rough going. And he's almost two, so he's having more frequent meltdowns and tantrums, and is wanting things his own way, no matter what *I* think about it.

And part of it is the stress with Kiddo being a preteen and sassy.

And part of it is the husband's frequent bipolar crashes of late. He is ready for this to be over, too, and keeps asking me when I think it will be. "I don't know, let me look in the crystal ball!"

I'm trying to enjoy the baby's movements, but she's developed this habit of placing one or another of her appendages into a very uncomfortable position, worse than either of the other kids did. I was having some contractions the other day while she was doing it, and I was out with the kids running errands. I was in tears from the combination. Kiddo asked if she needed to call an ambulance and said that if she could drive, she'd just take me to the hospickle.

I'm officially on maternity leave as of today. I just can't keep doing all of this. Hoping she comes in a week or so, and that the few remaining projects get done, whether by me or someone else. *yawn*

I'd better go change LM's diaper ... just realized it's been a while.


Kristina P. said...

It seems like you have been pregnant forever! When are you due again?

stewbert said...

Tell me about it! haha. June 24th.