Friday, May 7, 2010

Dumb and Dumberer

My Friday Fave Five will have to wait. I'm a total dork.

I made a dumb choice or two today. First, I didn't tell the gal at Los Hermanos that upstairs was a mean thing to do to a woman this pregnant. Instead, I just waited to use the bathroom until I got to the school to pick up Kiddo. lol. Had fun at lunch with my friends from college, though Little Mister wasn't too thrilled about first, being woken up to go, and second, getting a bowl of salsa dumped on him by the waitress. She apologized profusely and got us extra napkins and even a wet one, but she should have at least comped us something. Her tip? about half of what I would have given her.

I had contractions off and on when we got to my sister-in-law's to chill for a little while, probably because I waited so long to pee earlier. hahaha. I *know* that happens. I just didn't want to traipse up and down stairs. Oy.

Second dumb choice? Well. We had to go fax some papers to the flex spend company to get some money back (which we desperately need -- our prescriptions are not cheap!), so I went to the grocery store. This grocery store faxes stuff for the cheapest around, so it made sense. And I was craving grapes, so I figured I'd grab them and a couple of other things on the perimeter of the store while I was there. We did NOT go up and down any aisles, just walked around the outside aisle of the store and grabbed those few things.

By the time we got back to the car, I was in tears from the sciatic pain. Kiddo asked if we needed to call daddy. No. Do we need to call an ambulance? No. I'm not in labor. She paused. Did I do something??? No. I just hurt.

Yeah, it's not been a fun night. Her attitude was great until after dinner, at which point she freaked out because she was supposed to do her chores. I was in too much pain to cope and went to bed with Little Mister and woke up still hurting. Derrrrr.

The husband massaged the area when I woke up before he went to work (thank you husband), but I still hurt. I'm going to bed now and am hoping some Tylenol will help, because at this point, standing/sitting/lying down? It all hurts. Bad.


The Boob Nazi said...

Ugh. That pain sounds terrible! I'm sorry.

Kristina P. said...

I had a friend with sciatica and it sounded like some of the worst pain ever.

Tyson, Katie and Amelia said...

:( I'm so sorry. This won't last forever. Sounds like you have a sweet hubby, though.