Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well. I did it.

I went. I dropped food on my belly. More than once. I ate a few rolls. And a bunch of other stuff.

But no one made snarky comments!! about ME anyway. haha. ;)

Actually it was fun and everyone there was nice (at least to my face, :P). Kristina wouldn't let me sit by myself, so I followed her orders and "mingled" and met some wonderful people. I've missed doing stuff with friends, and feel like I made some new ones today. Plus, I got to meet Kristina and the Boob Nazi in person! Admit it: You're all jealous.

The husband and children survived my outing, and Little Mister gave me big kisses when I got home. Hopefully he's just as good for Daddy on Monday.

I'm super tired though. I almost wish I didn't have to work tonight, though if I say that too loud, I might not have any work to do. It is the last weekend of the pay period after all, and I'm usually out by now. *sigh* Guess I'll go log in and see.


Kristina P. said...

I am so glad you came. I wish I had a chance to chat with you more. That's always the sucky thing about being a hostess to a group that large.

And you are adorable!

Amber said...

I also enjoyed meeting you- I'm glad to have another cheerio mommy out there. ;)

The Boob Nazi said...

It was great meeting you! And of course nobody made snarky comments.

Wonder Woman said...

When I saw your comments I was like, "Who's stewbert?" It's you!! Hi!! Glad you found me! I tried looking for you on Kristina's linky but couldn't find you.

I don't remember you dropping food on yourself, and I was sitting next to you. So no worries.

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

I ALWAYS drop food on my belly when I'm pregnant. Always. It's my husband's favorite thing to laugh at.