Monday, March 15, 2010

A gift from MIL

She gives us $ every time we go over there when I'm pregnant. "to make sure you're feeding that baby." hello! have you SEEN my belly? just kidding. I wouldn't take it except it hurts her feelings if I don't.

So, I had this $ burning a hole in my wallet when we went to Walmart. The husband needed work socks and ... I guess I needed a shark steam mop. it was on clearance for nearly half off, so I bought it.


My kitchen floor is sparkly! the bathroom isn't germ infested! in fact, having the floor clean made me clean the outside of the toilet (again)! and I tidied up the living room a bit! if only to have room to put the mop together ... ahem.

next up: The master bath and the entry way.

I know we only have 4 smallish areas of hard flooring in our house but I *hate* mopping. This little steamer makes it oh so easy ... and rewarding. clean floors with minimal effort.

Shark steam mop, I love you.

Oh, MIL, I love you too. ;)


Kristina P. said...

We must have the same awesome MIL!

Tyson and Katie said...

Hmm, I may have to look into getting one of those. I don't care for mopping either.

musicmom said...

Simple joys!!! The best kind. Glad you found sunshine shining through the clouds. And glad you have clean floors. I am the same. When the kitchen floor is shiny, the world is a brighter place. HOpe you have an awesome day.