Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fave Five!!

1. Lunch with girlfriends. The bloggy lunch last weekend was way fun. My college girlfriends and I went to lunch Wednesday, also way fun, though in a different way. One of them is moving out of state very soon, and that sucks. I'm going to miss her, though I don't see her often. Plus, the food was way better than at Golden Corral. Just sayin'.

2. My blood sugars are almost all at their targets now, though I think I just pushed my luck with my "snack" of french vanilla hot chocolate. i was cold, it was in my carb limits ... lol. we'll see what my sugars look like before bed!

3. Steph suggested I get a water bottle with a straw because it's easier to suck down water (or soda) with a straw -- you get more. Since I bought it, I've been drinking almost 3 quarts (96 ounces) a day. Yes, I'm peeing constantly, but between that and my blood sugars, I'm feeling SO much better.

4. I never got to experience the joy of this with Kiddo at such a young age, but Little Mister actually ate some of everything on his plate tonight. I've been offering him a bit of everything at every meal, but he just eats what he likes and ignores the rest. Or throws it at me. Every time we tried to get Kiddo to try something new when she was little, she'd projectile vomit. Not worth it. ANYWAY. I made salmon and rice and green beans and sliced some strawberries for dinner tonight. He ate all his salmon and rice, and took two bites of each of the green beans and strawberries *voluntarily*, not even snuck into something (which I have done with the green beans before). He's getting more adventurous with food, which is good since I thought I killed his appetite for new things when I was only eating cold cereal for weeks and, thus, so was he. haha. (Kiddo did NOT eat all of her salmon, though did eat her strawberries and green beans. lol)

5. Kiddo got new glasses this week. They are very cute and, even better, she can see the crap on the floor when I tell her to pick up! HAHAHAHA! I'll have to take pics this weekend.


The Boob Nazi said...

I'm glad you've gotten a lot of friend time lately!

musicmom said...

I love your thankful posts. You are awesome!