Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday Fave Five!

1. Kiddo... She's had some music lessons at school and learned to play the recorder and did a smashing job, advanced beyond the rest of the class. Recorder class is over, but she still has the book and instrument and is still playing. Good, right? Well, now she's figured out how the notes in the book and recorder correspond to our keyboard, and can play anything in her recorder book on the keyboard. I didn't realize what she'd done until the other night when I said, "Wait a minute! I never showed you what those notes were on the keyboard!" "I know, I figured it out myself by finding where Mary Had a Little Lamb was on the keyboard." Yeah ... I need to schedule piano lessons on my schedule for her and get that cranking because that is ALL the music training she's ever had. Period. I mean, I know she comes from musically gifted blood, but come on ... Mama better get her butt in gear! I'm simultaneously proud of her and horrified that I've neglected her music education so long.

2. Another Kiddo moment. She came out of her room Sunday morning and saw me in the recliner, just laying there and letting Little Mister tear up the house. She asked if I was okay, I said no, and without another word, she took LM to her room and played with him for an hour. We were late to church, but I was able to get a little more sleep and felt better. She is such a wonderful kid! Not perfect, but wonderful.

3. Little Mister cut two more molars Wednesday night. He went to bed SO much easier Thursday night, though fussed a few times, and has been generally more pleasant since.

4. Girl.Scout.Cookies.

5. Chicken pot pie. From scratch. Using this pie crust recipe (with butter, not shortening) and homemade gravy/sauce ... oh wow I wish I could have eaten more last night!!

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The Boob Nazi said...

When I read your title, I was like, "Um, it's not Friday. WTF." Then I realized that I'm an idiot apparently.