Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Being a Grownup Just Plain Sucks

That's how I'm feeling today, after spending about $200 in car repairs (the first we've actually had to PAY for, thanks to the extended warranty). It's not perfect, but it's running better.

Thus, our vacation plans are completely off. not taking a car that isn't at its best on a road trip. and that sucked up some of the money we'd put aside for such an event. le sigh.

We had such high hopes for you, 2010 ... please let the rest of the year not be so suckish.

OH, but hey, the sun came out today and I got to go to the park with the kids (we blew off chores). The neighbors were out and my friend M came over with her little ones, too ... apparently I needed to talk, because I just ... did. And she still loves me. Good to know that not everyone will think bad of us because of the financial trouble we're having. Wahoo. (I know you internet friends don't, but some of the people who live near me *can* be very judgmental. just sayin'.)


Kristina P. said...

Oh, I am so sorry. That royally sucks and I know how it goes.

treen said...

People judge you because of financial difficulties? Really? Do you know anyone who is NOT having financial difficulties of some kind or other?

That's just dumb. Sorry you have to put up with judgmental people on top of everything else that's happening. And I'm sorry your road trip is off. Some days, the prospect of a pending road trip is the only thing that keeps me moving.

The Boob Nazi said...

I hate money. It makes everything so stressful!

stewbert said...

Treen, that's the best thing about Utah County! Almost everyone has $ problems of one sort or another, but lots of people judge others for it. Awesome! ;) just kidding.

Thanks for the sympathy ladies. Oy.

Tyson and Katie said...

BOO. That really sucks your trip is totally cancelled. Arg. Sorry love. Hope things start to look up!

steph k said...


I need a house.