Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I whine a lot

Some days, I feel like all I do is gripe, whine, grumble, cuss.

le sigh.

But today has been a pretty decent day.

Little Mister, Kiddo, and the husband all let me sleep in. LM slept in too, and woke up at 8. After the husband had taken Kiddo to school. He ran around yelling "SIS!" and "HUH?" alternately. (We figured out he calls her HUH? because she responds thusly whenever I call her name; at first we thought it was because he couldn't say her name, but no.) The husband then kept LM so I could shower alone(!), and I managed to get my legs shaved for the first time in a while! awesome.

After a small smoke detector incident which woke up the husband, LM and I had breakfast. Then he called, "Wheeeeee!!!" and went downstairs and grabbed his football. So I put him in the stroller and we went for a walk. When I tried to come home, he cried and yelled, "Ball!" and pointed at the park. Derrrr. Silly Mommy! He brought the ball for a reason! We played for a little while, and then he got distracted by a cat inspecting the now-empty stroller. He chased it off, but was mighty offended it ran. haha.

Came home as it was nap time and, though he asked for the nap twice, he I understand he slept in, but he went to bed late! Oy. Tried feeding him lunch and he threw it at me. Bananas get slimy very quickly in toddler hands. Ahem. He was so dang tired, he was stumbling around and falling over. Just as I was briefly considering drugging him with Benadryl so I could have my nap, a thought came into my mind. "Take him in his room, lock the door, and let him play while you sleep. He's safe in there." So that's what we did. He played for quite a while and let me sleep (mostly), then curled up next to me and zonked out.

I woke up a few minutes before Kiddo got home from school (good timing; she had an eye doctor appointment for which we needed to leave immediately), and the husband was just getting up, too. He went to shower, and said not to wake LM up, that he'd watch him. That helped the eye doctor appointment go much more smoothly, and Kiddo is very excited about her new glasses (and thankfully the flex spend account will cover our part).

The husband has been grumpy since we got back, but suddenly realized he had a headache, took something for it, and mellowed out. This is progress!

Kiddo has changed the dishwasher, is washing pots and pans, and I'm getting ready to go make our traditional St. Paddy's Day breakfast, only for dinner since I missed the morning. Green pancakes, bacon, eggs, and green milk/OJ.

So, though I whine and grumble and cuss, there are good, blessed days mixed with all the other junk, and those days are what get me through. I'm just thankful the Lord sends enough of the good stuff my way that I don't completely lose my mind.

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awww good stuff. :)